Why choose GOS?

GOS customers benefit from:

1. Quick estimate of value for your machine.

Many years of experience in this specific branch of the plastic processing industry enable us to quickly determine the market value of your machine.

2. No charge unless you make a sale.

GOS may buy your machine or sell it for you. Whatever you decide, GOS will always make a clear and transparent proposal.

3. Ability to add value to your machine.

Quick fixes by the GOS engineering team may increase the marketability of your machine enormously. Ask just for advise or have GOS execute the adjustments as well.

4. Independent (re)seller for your machine.

You want a (re)seller that is not tied to any of the main manufacturers of new equipment. GOS is knowledgeable and independent in the top-notch brands in used machinery, specifically in the plastic packaging and printing machinery and equipment.

5. Targeting your specific buyer.

You don’t want your machine to be a needle in a haystack of offerings of used machinery. GOS is dedicated to (re)sell a specific group of used machines for the plastic packaging and printing industry ( such as extruders, printers, thermo formers and injection moulders).

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