New Cup Handling Systems for Shrink Sleeve Machine

  • HS Compact Feeder & Restacker

    Consisting of:

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  • HS850 Model Feeder & Restacker

    Consisting of:

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  • HS855 Model Feeder & Restacker

    Consisting of:

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The production speed of your shrink sleeve machine depends for a huge part on your feeding and restacking equipment. GOS builds cup/container feeding and restacking systems for shrink sleeve applications that increase the output of your production.

Our machines not only feed offset cup printing machines but also labeling machines or shrink sleeve machines (sleeve applicators).

Our units work stand-alone or can be integrated directly to the existing sleeve applicator and tunnels. Our cup handling system contains the following equipment:


    Depending on the operation and required speed we build different types of Cup Handling Systems/feeders. For high speeds you may want a tray feeder, also known as elevator feeder. Alternatively we build belt feeding systems, also a very efficient feeding system that transports the cups to the de-nester.


    Denesters are also known as screw feeders, and are located right behind the tray or belt feeder. Our denesting system separates the cups and feeds the shrink sleeve applicator with single cups.

    When the cups are sleeved, re-stacking is necessary for efficient storage and transport. This delicate task is executed with the GOS cup restacker or the cup collecting unit.

Peace of Mind with Easy Maintenance and Quick Changeovers

GOS takes great pride in offering clients peace of mind. We know that what matters most to our clients is high productivity and great quality. Quick changeovers and easy maintenance are not just added bonuses. We see them as musts.

Our engineers will work in close cooperation with your facility to ensure a smooth integration with your existing (printing) machines.